Engineering Division - Stormwater

The Engineering Division provides technical guidance and support for the various components of the City of Camas Stormwater Program.  This includes the administration of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Phase II Permit, review for stormwater compliance on all projects, inspection of stormwater facilities (both public and private), ensuring compliance with erosion prevention and sediment control standards, and investigation and elimination of illicit discharges and/or connections.  For additional information, please contact Anita Ashton or Wes Heigh.

NPDES Municipal Phase II Permit
This permit is issued by the Department of Ecology and requires municipalities to meet six different criteria based on improving stormwater quality.  There are two reports that are updated annually and are posted online:

NPDES Phase II Annual Report for the January - December 2012 Reporting Period

Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) for the January - December 2012 Reporting Period

Stormwater Facility Design
Engineering staff reviews proposed capital, commercial and development projects for compliance with Camas Municipal Code 14.02 Stormwater Control, the Camas Stormwater Design Standards Manual, and the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington.  The Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washingtion is available on the Department of Ecology's website at

Stormwater Facility Inspections & Maintenance
Whether public or private, stormwater facilities are inspected by the City of Camas. Maintenance is required by various property owners, such as homeowner associations, City forces, and commercial owners.  The stormwater facility information can be found at or in the Camas Storm Sewer System Operation & Maintenance Manual. 

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control
All construction projects, whether a large development or a single family home, can cause immediate and long-term environmental impacts if proper measures are not put into place to prevent soil erosion.  All construction projects are required to comply with Camas Municipal Code 14.06 Erosion and Sediment Control. 

Illicit Discharges
All stormwater eventually discharges into wetlands, streams, rivers, creeks, and lakes.  Care should be taken to ensure that hazardous substances are not dumped or spilled into roadways, or storm facilities.  These are considered illicit discharges and are prohibited under Camas Municipal Code 14.04 Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination.  Such discharges are to be reported to City of Camas Hotline at (360) 817-1565 or to the Department of Ecology SW Regional Office at (360) 407-6300. Additional information can be found in the City's IDDE Program Manual or in the IDDE Powerpoint PresentationLocations of the City's outfalls can be found on the Camas Stormwater Basins and 24" diameter Outfalls map.


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