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1.0 Purpose

It is the responsibility of the Library Board of Trustees to protect the right of all the people of Camas to access library facilities and services, to ensure the safety of library users and staff, and to protect library resources and facilities from damage. To that end, the Board establishes the following rules of conduct to promote a safe, healthy, and barrier-free environment. Library staff will make every effort to apply these rules in a fair, humane, and positive manner for the benefit of all.

1.1 Rules

  1. Smoking or other use of tobacco is prohibited in the library building or within 25 feet of any entrance, open window, or air intake per RCW 70.160.
  2. Possession, selling, distributing or consuming any alcoholic beverage or controlled substance is prohibited.
  3. Acceptable food and covered beverages may be consumed in designated areas.
  4. Visitors must wear clothing including a shirt or other upper body covering and shoes, per RCW 27.12.290.
  5. Using wheeled devices other than ADA assistive devices or baby strollers inside the library or on library grounds is prohibited.
  6. Skateboards, roller blades, and folding scooters must be carried and placed out of any library aisle or passageway. Bicycles must be parked in a designated outdoor bike rack.
  7. Animals, other than those trained to assist persons with disabilities, may not be brought into the library except as authorized by the library director or designated staff.
  8. Items should not be left unattended.
  9. Filming, videotaping, taking photographs, or recording should not interfere with library operations or other library users.
  10. Library users may not engage in disruptive and unsafe behavior, such as loud talking (including on cell phones), screaming, verbal abuse, running, throwing things, pushing and shoving, which may result in disturbing or injuring other library users or damaging library property.
  11. Injuring, defacing, or destroying any library property, real or personal, is prohibited by this policy and by state law (RCW 27.12.330).
  12. Sexual misconduct, such as exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment is prohibited.
  13. Physical or verbal harassment or threats are prohibited.
  14. Weapons are prohibited in the library unless authorized by law.
  15. Users may not engage in any activity prohibited by law.

People whose actions violate these rules will be asked to stop such actions. Police may be summoned. The library reserves the right to require anyone engaging in violation of these rules of conduct to leave the library. The library may withdraw permission for a person to re-enter its facilities if the person continues violating these rules (RCW 27.12.290).

For subsequent violations of rules 1 through 9, permission to re-enter the library may be withdrawn for twenty-four hours for the second violation, and for one week, one month, six months, or up to one year for additional violations.

Persons whose actions violate rules 10 through 15 may be subject to a permanent loss of library privileges and/or prosecution and subject to fines or imprisonment.

Adopted by the Camas Public Library Board of Trustees: May 25, 1994
Revised: July 22, 2004, January 9, 2014
Attorney Reviewed: March 4, 2014

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