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1.0 Purpose

Meeting rooms are used for programs sponsored by the Library, Library Board of Trustees, Friends & Foundation of the Camas Library, and other Library and City-related organizations. The meeting rooms are intended to further the Library's mission and fulfill its goals and objectives. When Library activities are not taking place, other groups may use the rooms for lawful purposes.

2.0 Library Meeting Room Availability

Meeting rooms are available for meetings or specific events but scheduling will be limited, when necessary, to ensure equitable access to the facilities for the entire community.

Requests for reservations must be confirmed by written application within five days of a verbal confirmation of availability and must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee. The Meeting Room Application is available online or at the Library service desk and should be submitted to the business office upstairs at the library or mailed to 625 NE 4th Avenue, Camas, WA 98607. No meeting is confirmed until the application fee is paid.

Rental fees for meetings rooms are outlined in the Fee Schedule and are payable in advance. To qualify for a waiver of fees, a civic group should be a community-based, non-profit recognized by the IRS and/or State of Washington. The meeting should be non-exclusive and open to the public. If not open to the public, private function fees will apply.

A Hold Harmless Agreement should be signed by the person responsible for the meeting. If library equipment is to be used, a Hold Harmless Agreement for the equipment must also be signed.

The Library reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the space is required for its own use or use by the City of Camas. Every effort will be made to give adequate advance notice.

Meetings that interfere with normal library functions will not be permitted. Meeting rooms may not be used by profit-making ventures or by representatives of profit-making companies and/or organizations to advertise or sell their goods or services.

Rooms will be booked only to adults. Youth groups may use the rooms if a responsible adult has been designated and is present at all times.

Public meeting room use does not constitute library endorsement of the beliefs or ideas expressed by organizations or individuals using the space. Meetings should not be publicized in a manner that suggests library sponsorship or affiliation.

3.0 Recurring Meetings

Recurring meetings may be allowed during regular library hours. Non-profit civic groups and education groups may request meetings on a recurring basis. Reservations for recurring events may be scheduled using a single Meeting Room Application. Reservations for a recurring event will need to be renewed every calendar year.

4.0 Private Functions

Private functions may not be scheduled more than six weeks in advance.

Groups are limited to one function per month.

Reservations must be accompanied by a completed Meeting Room Application and non-refundable application fee. All other fees must be paid before the room use commences.

After the function, the room(s) will be inspected. The cleaning deposit will be returned to the applicant after an authorized member of the library staff determines that the room is sufficiently cleaned and that no damage to property or equipment has occurred.

5.0 Fees and User Responsibilities

Rental fees for meetings rooms are outlined in the Fee Schedule. The non-refundable room application fee must accompany the application.

Meetings that take place before or after library business hours will incur a staffing fee and must be authorized in advance. City staff may function as library staff.

An additional fee will be applied to any organization when a meeting extends beyond library hours. Users must vacate a meeting room 15 minutes prior to closing unless prior arrangements have been made to pay the fee for after-hours staffing. Meetings unexpectedly extending beyond closing time will be charged the after-hours staffing fee in increments of 15 minutes. An invoice will be sent within 7 days.

All users shall be responsible for the repair and/or replacement of equipment or property damage beyond normal wear.

Meeting room users are required to comply with the library Rules of Conduct.

Room set up and clean up (including the kitchen, if used) are the responsibility of the applicant and are included in the time allotted and charged for each event. Rooms must be returned to their normal configuration. The room divider must be operated by library personnel only.

Users must provide all their own meeting supplies including dry erase markers, paper products, kitchen utensils, coffee, etc.

No tacks, pins or transparent tape are allowed on the painted walls or white board.

Parking for large daytime events cannot be accommodated on the streets. Event sponsors should make other parking arrangements.

Meeting room reservations are not transferable from one group to another.

City of Camas Fire Department-posted occupancy limits will be observed at all times.

Any groups or individuals who fail to observe any of the above conditions may have future meeting room use denied.

6.0 Refreshments

Refreshments may be served in the meeting rooms. Catered and/or prepared food may be brought in. Pre-prepared food and coffee/tea preparation is allowed, but other light refreshment preparation in the library kitchen will require the fee for kitchen use listed in the Fee Schedule. Health department restrictions may apply.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. [except under the terms of policy MTG-2 Guidelines for Serving Alcoholic Beverages at the Camas Public Library.]

7.0 Administration

The Library Director (or designee) is responsible for the administration of this policy, for establishing administrative procedures for its implementation, and for making it available to the public.

The library does not assume liability for injury or damage to personal property which occurs as a result of the actions of the sponsors or participants in a meeting scheduled at the library.

Any request for changes in regulations, fees, or meeting areas must be made in writing and submitted in advance to the director for approval.


Adopted by the Camas Public Library Board of Trustees: November 2, 1995
Revised: April 4, 1996; November 6, 1997; July 1998; November 2, 2000; October 4, 2001; January 16, 2003; March 6, 2003; January 2004; April 2008; August 2010
Attorney Review: March 25, 2003; July 2010




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