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Is there a blue sign on a stormwater facility near you? The blue sign indicates that your homeowner association, business, or neighborhood is responsible for maintaining the facility to protect our local streams, rivers, and lakes from pollution.

Your facility may remove pollutants from runoff or slow down and reduce flow of polluted water into nearby water bodies. Many neighborhoods and businesses in Camas have a facility that requires routine maintenance to remain effective. As an owner of a stormwater facility, it is your group’s important responsibility to provide routine maintenance and ensure the facility is operating correctly.

Summer and fall are the perfect time to take care of your facility or to plan for spring maintenance. Routine maintenance may include mowing grassed areas, controlling vegetation and weeds, and removing trash and leaves. Other common upkeep includes removing built up sediment, replacing mulch or river rock, and repairing eroded side slopes.

What pollutants in runoff are commonly removed by stormwater facilities?

  • Sediment
  • Metal particles and debris from vehicles
  • Chemicals and nutrients from landscaping maintenance practices
  • Oils and chemicals from vehicles, parking lots, commercial areas, and industrial areas

What are the benefits of routine facility maintenance?

  • Maintain quality of local streams, rivers, and lakes for drinking, recreation, and fish
  • Improve appearance of above-ground facilities
  • Fix maintenance issues early to limit big repairs later

City staff inspect some facilities annually. Look for a maintenance reminder in the mail to your HOA or management company soon. For tips on how to maintain your facility, visit https://www.stormwaterpartners.com/facilities or email stormwater@cityofcamas.us.


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