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Through provision of recreation and parks services, we enhance the quality of life and nurture the health and well-being of our people, our community, our environment and our economy.  We are community driven.  Together, and often in partnership with related fields and organizations, we:

  • help individuals reach their potential - ensuring healthy, active and balanced lifestyles, a fit foundation for productive lives, stimulating holistic growth and development.
  • strengthen the social foundations of our society - building strong relationships - collaborating to support families of all kinds, nurturing leadership and developing self-reliant communities - creating understanding and harmony through shared leisure lifestyles.
  • serve as "stewards of the environment" - creating environmental awareness and encouraging ecosystem approaches to planning - protecting, preserving and restoring significant natural areas and corridors.
  • build and renew local economies - reducing dependencies on health and social services through building a fit and productive work force; stimulating the leisure industries and attracting economic development to our community known for our high quality of life.







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