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The Camas Police Department is seeking historic photos to several former Marshals and Chiefs to display at their facility. Many of these individuals served dual roles in the community, such as City Council Member/Marshal, Fire/Police Chief, and business owner. Photos sought:
• Marshal William W. Laws (1910-1911)
• Marshal Charles O. Johnson (1911-1912)
• Marshal Frank L. Howes (1912)
• Marshal James J. Farrell (1913-1915)
• Marshal David E. Frame (1915-1917)
• Marshal Benjamin M. Faler (1917-1918)
• Marshal Albert H. Kersey (1918)
• Marshal Charles K. Cochran (1918-1925)
• Marshal Frank Welch (1925)
• Marshal Frank Adams (1925)
• Chief William H. Lawrence (1927)*
• Chief Roy E. McCrite (1927-1928)
*In 1926, the title "Marshal" was changed to "Chief of Police.”
Can you help? If so, please contact Sgt. David Chaney at dechaney@cityofcamas.us.
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