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The City of Camas is pleased to announce Board of County Councilors’ approval of a $4.8 million conservation project in Camas.

With the intent to conserve forested land and natural spaces, the Lacamas Lake North Shore project will expand the approximately 880-acre Lacamas Corridor park and greenway system by an estimated 100 acres, establishing a link within the seven-mile multiuse trail system that will circle Lacamas Lake. What’s more, according to the limitations attached to the land contributions and monetary grants that will make the project a reality, these newly designated parks, and greenway systems will be protected from development.

The Lacamas Lake North Shore project is one of 12 conservation projects across Clark County recommended over the summer by the county’s Parks Advisory Board. In all, $19.7 million will be provided for land acquisitions and the purchase of easements that would be used to expand public trails and parks, protect fish habitat, preserve natural resource land and other purposes.


Along Southeast Leadbetter Road, vehicle traffic will end, and the north shore will become a regional trail corridor for bicycling, hiking, jogging, and more. In the future, concessions for canoes, kayaks, bikes, food, and other amenities; picnic facilities; more trailheads and trails; water access; viewpoints, fishing piers, and children’s play areas, will be added.

The connected trails, parks, and waterways will be managed and maintained by City of Camas Parks & Recreation, which already oversees several recreation sites in the Lacamas corridor, including Fallen Leaf Lake, Lacamas Heritage Trail, Camas Community Center and Boat Launch, and south shore open space.

Says Department Manager Jerry Acheson, “The project aligns with a variety of comprehensive parks and open space plans in the region, including the County’s Conservation Areas Acquisition Plan; Trails and Bikeway Systems Plan; the City of Camas’s Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan; Lacamas Corridor Master Plan; and Portland-Vancouver Bi-State Regional Trail System Plan.” He adds, “All around Clark Country, residents and visitors will have the ability to tap into nature. We’re very excited to extend those options while protecting the beauty of Camas.”


The project is made possible by the partnership between the City of Camas and Clark County, Camas-Washougal Wildlife League (property donation), Columbia Land Trust, and Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (matching grants), and multiple private landowners in support of the conservation expansion.

Of the $4,780,000 estimated total cost of the project, the City itself will provide $1.5 million of funds earmarked to conserve and protect green and forested areas in Camas. Nearly 70 percent of the project, however, will be funded by generous contributions obtained through a rigorous grant application process and the goodwill of willing landowners, as follows: •   $2.58 million in grants from the Clark County Legacy Lands Program •   $700,000 in donated land

“We are extremely lucky to live in a community where people come together for the good of one another – and our environment,” Acheson added.


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