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Don't waste time spinning your wheels! If you're getting started in business, use the checklist we've provided below to make sure you meet important requirements for your new business.

While this list is intended to be comprehensive, keep in mind that different types of businesses have different needs, obligations, and federal, state, and local requirements and regulations. It is in the best interest of your business to contact all the agencies listed on below.

Requirements for All Businesses



Federal Identification Number

Businesses consisting of more than one person may require a Federal Employer (tax) Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service.




State of Washington Business Licensing

Anyone conducting any   business in the state of Washington must register for a Master Business   License and obtain a UBI (Unified Business Identifier) number for tax   purposes.




City License?  The City of Camas does not issue business licenses, unless the business is being conducted in a home. (See “Home Occupation” information)


Zoning, Building and Life Safety Regulations

Step 1

Phone (360) 817-1568, or stop by the   Community Development Department at city hall to speak with a city planner or   to request a meeting.

Step 2

Zoning, Building, Life Safety Regulations


Planning and Engineering Departments


  • Prior   to selecting a site, check with the Planning Department to determine whether   the proposed business/use is permitted within the zoning district. If so,  they will schedule a meeting to provide you with all the permitting and fee  information from all departments at the same time and place.

Step 3

Building Department


  • Issues a certificate of occupancy.   
  • Determines applicable development impact fees.

Step 4

Life Safety Regulations


  • The Fire Marshal works with the Building Department to schedule walk through inspections of a building to help with decision-making prior to buying or leasing a building and may require permits after occupancy.



Whether you work in Camas, or own a business in support of the Camas community, Camas is thriving with growth and opportunities!

From the vibrant existence of well-established larger industrial, manufacturing, and investment firms to medium to smaller businesses, Camas is a great place to work! For more information about business and job opportunities, find information on the Camas-Washougal Chamber of Commerce site.

There is also a lot economic development opportunities happening throughout the city. The City’s permit center located at the Third Avenue entrance at City Hall is a one stop shop for development in the City of Camas. We hope this streamlines your development review, which involves collaboration from many city departments and other agencies. The Community Development Department includes Building and Planning and the Fire Marshal’s Office handles Fire inspections. The City’s new phone app offers inspection requests online to streamline the inspection process 24/7. Inspections may also be made online

Camas is a great place to WORK!

Planning the Future of Camas

As a community, we have prepared and published the Camas Comprehensive Plan.  The purpose of the Camas 2035 Comprehensive Plan is to ensure that the City remains vibrant, diverse and meets the needs of its residents.

Download the plan "Camas 2035

For More information about the process go to Camas2035.com.

Jan 16, 2018
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Jan 16, 2018
Preschool Storytime
Jan 16, 2018
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City Council Workshop Meeting
Jan 16, 2018
City Council Meeting
Jan 17, 2018
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Jan 17, 2018
Tiny Tots Storytime
Jan 17, 2018
Tiny Tots Storytime

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