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Directory Res. No. 8-863 yrs. 1918 to 1998 at SW Reg Archives ph. 360-586-4898 0 elements
Directory 19580908 RES No. 145 Providing for the Reduction of Speed Limit Upon NW Sixth AVE.pdf 1 year ago 34 KB
Directory 19590407 RES No. 151 Declares Intention to Order Improvement of NW Parker ST.pdf 1 year ago 66 KB
Directory 19860527 RES No. 581 Providing for the Decrease of the Speed Limit in Certain Zones.pdf 1 year ago 38 KB
Directory 19870608 RES No. 596 Authorizing a Procedure for Securing Telephone and.or Written Quotations from Vendors of Supplies Materials Equipment or Services other than Professional.pdf 1 year ago 60 KB
Directory 19880725 RES No. 617 Establishing Procedures for Notifying the Public of Upcoming Public Hearings and the Preliminary Agenda for Forthcoming Council Meetings.pdf 2 years ago 44 KB
Directory 19900607 RES No. 661 Establishing Speed Limits on Streets Located in the Area Annexed to the City by Ord 1747.pdf 1 year ago 55 KB
Directory 20121105 RES No. 1252 Procedural Rules for Conduct of City Council Meetings and Workshops.pdf 10 months ago 42 KB
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