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Directory Res. No. 8-863 yrs. 1918 to 1998 at SW Reg Archives ph. 360-586-4898 0 elements
Directory 19580908 RES No. 145 Providing for the Reduction of Speed Limit Upon NW Sixth AVE.pdf 10 months ago 34 KB
Directory 19590407 RES No. 151 Declares Intention to Order Improvement of NW Parker ST.pdf 10 months ago 66 KB
Directory 19860527 RES No. 581 Providing for the Decrease of the Speed Limit in Certain Zones.pdf 10 months ago 38 KB
Directory 19870608 RES No. 596 Authorizing a Procedure for Securing Telephone and.or Written Quotations from Vendors of Supplies Materials Equipment or Services other than Professional.pdf 10 months ago 60 KB
Directory 19880725 RES No. 617 Establishing Procedures for Notifying the Public of Upcoming Public Hearings and the Preliminary Agenda for Forthcoming Council Meetings.pdf 2 years ago 44 KB
Directory 19900607 RES No. 661 Establishing Speed Limits on Streets Located in the Area Annexed to the City by Ord 1747.pdf 10 months ago 55 KB
Directory 20121105 RES No. 1252 Procedural Rules for Conduct of City Council Meetings and Workshops.pdf 5 months ago 42 KB
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