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Directory 20180102-FILE ID 18-026 RES No. 18-001 Approving the 2nd Addend to PreAnnex DA City Grass VAlley Holdings APC Sunrise Summit Skola Lugliani Fisher Creek West Amending 010708 PreAnnex DA and 031610 PreAnnex DA.pdf 11 months ago 194 KB
Directory 20180305 RES No. 18-002 authorizing the execution of an Addendum to the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Camas and Camas School District relating to the retention of a school resource officer.pdf 8 months ago 593 KB
Directory 20180305 RES No. 18-003 Amending the City Fee Schedule.pdf 9 months ago 523 KB
Directory 20180305-FILE ID MIN 18-084 RES No. 18-004 establishing a ten minute time limit for two parking spaces on NE Birth ST between NE 3rd and 4th Ave.pdf 9 months ago 466 KB