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Directory 20180102-FILE ID 18-026 RES No. 18-001 Approving the 2nd Addend to PreAnnex DA City Grass VAlley Holdings APC Sunrise Summit Skola Lugliani Fisher Creek West Amending 010708 PreAnnex DA and 031610 PreAnnex DA.pdf 8 months ago 194 KB
Directory 20180305 RES No. 18-002 authorizing the execution of an Addendum to the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Camas and Camas School District relating to the retention of a school resource officer.pdf 6 months ago 593 KB
Directory 20180305 RES No. 18-003 Amending the City Fee Schedule.pdf 6 months ago 523 KB
Directory 20180305-FILE ID MIN 18-084 RES No. 18-004 establishing a ten minute time limit for two parking spaces on NE Birth ST between NE 3rd and 4th Ave.pdf 6 months ago 466 KB