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Directory 20180102 ORD No. 18-001 Amending Chapter 6.08.140 of the Camas Municipal Code relating to Animal Noice.pdf 2 months ago 175 KB
Directory 20180116 ORD No. 18-002 Amending Chapter 16.57 of the CMC adopting requirement for requiring local state federal agency approval for dev permits in freq flooded areas.pdf 1 month ago 312 KB
Directory 20180214 ORD No. 18-003 NOT USED.pdf 1 month ago 20 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-004 amending Chapter 9.36A of the Camas Municipal Code by adopting RCW Chapter 69.50 Offenses.pdf 1 week ago 222 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-005 authorizing the adoption of rules associated with charges for providing public records pursuant to RCW 42.56.120 2 b.pdf 1 week ago 273 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-006 Adopting a new Section 10.24.070 of the Camas Municipal Code, relating to helmet requirements for skateboards, roller skates, coasters, bicycles and other similar devices.pdf 1 week ago 181 KB