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Directory 20180102 ORD No. 18-001 Amending Chapter 6.08.140 of the Camas Municipal Code relating to Animal Noice.pdf 11 months ago 175 KB
Directory 20180116 ORD No. 18-002 Amending Chapter 16.57 of the CMC adopting requirement for requiring local state federal agency approval for dev permits in freq flooded areas.pdf 10 months ago 312 KB
Directory 20180214 ORD No. 18-003 NOT USED.pdf 10 months ago 20 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-004 amending Chapter 9.36A of the Camas Municipal Code by adopting RCW Chapter 69.50 Offenses.pdf 9 months ago 222 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-005 authorizing the adoption of rules associated with charges for providing public records pursuant to RCW 42.56.120 2 b.pdf 9 months ago 273 KB
Directory 20180305 ORD No. 18-006 Adopting a new Section 10.24.070 of the Camas Municipal Code, relating to helmet requirements for skateboards, roller skates, coasters, bicycles and other similar devices.pdf 9 months ago 181 KB
Directory 20180416 ORD No. 18-007 Amending the City of Camas' 2018 Budget Ordinance Nos. 16-023 and 17-018..pdf 6 months ago 4 MB
Directory 20180416 ORD No. 18-008 Condemning for Public Street Purposes Certain Land Lying Within the City of Camas for the Purpose of Constructing NW Larkspur Street.pdf 6 months ago 4 MB