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Camas North Shore Subarea Planning Project

  • Phase 1: August 2019 to December 2019
  • Phase 2: January 2020 to August 2020

Project Website: www.camasnorthshore.com

Contact: Sarah Fox, Senior Planner info@northshore.com

The City of Camas has launched an effort to plan the future of the North Shore area. The subarea plan will answer two questions: What will the North Shore area be in 20 years and what is the path to get there?

The North Shore Subarea is generally bounded by Lacamas Lake to the south, the city limits to the north, Northeast 232nd Avenue to the west, and Everett Street to the east. The plan area will include the North Shore area that was annexed into the city in 2008, as well as the Bridge Village area that includes existing commercial and residential land on either side of Everett Street north of the bridge. Current zoning was put in place in 2012.

The North Shore Subarea Plan will include a community vision, conceptual road alignment, land use designations and a projection for future jobs and housing.

Be Involved!

You may follow the project at the Camas North Shore website for up-to-date information on upcoming meetings or drafts to review. You can also sign up to receive email updates by sending any email to: info@northshore.com

To date, the City has hosted information tables at high school open houses and at the farmers market. We have met with individual property owners and other stakeholders for one-on-one interviews, and we have conducted an online survey that generated over 500 responses. In November and December, we will host hands-on workshops and forums to generate more ideas and feedback on how to craft a vision for the area.


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