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Terms like reserve, hold, and request have the same meaning at the library. All of these terms mean that your name is on a waiting list for a library item.

Placing holds

Holds can be placed through the online catalog, over the phone, or at the library by a staff member at the desk.

Holds notification

Notification is sent by email, phone, or mail and items are held for 10 business days. Please let the library know if you no longer need the item.

Picking up a held item

Held items can be found in the library on the Holds shelving adjacent to the service desk. Holds are shelved alphabetically by the first four letters of your last name, and within that group by the last four numbers on your library card barcode.

In order to protect your privacy, you may check out only the material that has been requested by you. If you allow another person access to your card or the printed notice, and he or she is in possession of either of these, the library will assume that you have given permission for that person to check the items out with your card. If you lose your library card, let the library know immediately so that no one else can check out items on your account.

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