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See additional information about Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Compliance

1.0 Statement of Principle

The same standards of intellectual freedom, privacy, and confidentiality endorsed by the American Library Association and incorporated in the Camas Public Library Policies for traditional media shall be applied to all electronic media and access to information beyond the library’s collection.

The library will not limit access to public computers or the internet based on the age of the user.

Library patrons may not use public library internet computers or wireless access for unlawful purposes or to view illegal content. The library uses technology protection measures to filter content in accordance with state and federal law and court decisions. The library will unblock erroneously blocked web sites upon request. The library will disable the entire filter upon any request by users 17 or over, for any lawful purpose.

The City of Camas and Camas Public Library cannot control internet access points beyond their homepages. It is the responsibility of the user to determine what material is appropriate and suitable for his or her use.

Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the internet either through the library’s connection or the wireless network. Parents and their children are encouraged to read about and discuss internet safety and responsible behavior. The library provides access to a variety of educational materials about appropriate online behavior.

The City of Camas and Camas Public Library staff and trustees assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of the library’s hardware, software or connections to the internet or internet sites.

Use of the internet and computers are governed by the library’s adopted Rules of Conduct and this policy with its Acceptable Use Agreement. Copies of these policies are available online and at the library’s service desk.

Using a variety of means, staff will oversee workstations with the intent of enforcing this policy.

All library staff will treat the contents of patrons’ files and the use of electronic files as private and confidential.

The library director is responsible for establishing procedures to carry out and enforce this policy.

2.0 Restrictions

The following restrictions are established to ensure equal opportunity and availability of library computers and to provide a safe environment.

2.1 Filtering

Public internet computers and the library’s wi-fi network operate with management software that includes commercial filtering software. The library’s filtering policy aims to ensure that the library is safe and welcoming for children and to allow adults to make their own choices regarding filtering.

All users will have a "Basic" filtered setting when first logging in.

Users under age 17 will have a "Basic" filtered level at all times. Parents may choose an "Enhanced" filter level which provides additional restrictions.

Adults may choose any level of filtered or unfiltered access at each login.

Information on filtering will be provided in a variety of formats.

2.2 Children's Computers

The children’s area of the library offers computers with resources especially for children, To best serve children, these computers are only for the use of children age 12 and younger and for adult caregivers accompanying or assisting children.

2.3 Classes

In keeping with the library mission, the library may on occasion reserve a group of library computers for educational purposes. These "computer lab" type sessions will be limited to library sponsored classes only.

2.4 Limits

To access the internet on a library computer or network, a user must use his/her own library card number. Visitors who do not have a library card may request a guest pass by providing an official photo ID at the service desk. A library card holder may not receive a guest pass and no visitor may receive more than one guest pass per day.

Each individual must use his or her own library card.

Each individual is limited to one one-hour session of internet access per day on library computers.

The library’s computers are intended for use by a single individual. A maximum of two persons may sit or work together at any one computer. This does not apply to caregivers with children.

There is no guarantee that any wireless device will work with the library’s wireless network.

There is no guarantee that the network will be available at any specific time.

Library staff will provide limited guidance, but not instruction for computer use, application use, or wireless settings. At times, trained volunteers may be available for additional assistance.

Library staff will not assist in making changes to network settings or perform any troubleshooting on a user’s personal wireless device.

Electronic communication on the internet should not be considered confidential. Be careful when transmitting personal information. Do not provide credit card numbers, passwords or anything else you would not want broadly circulated.

Users of the Camas Public Library computers and internet should have no expectation of privacy.

All computers may be equipped with protective screens. However, others may see what is being viewed or be involuntarily exposed to what is being viewed. The library is a public environment shared by people of all ages and users must not expose others to objectionable materials.

Electronic communication on the internet should not be considered confidential. Be careful when transmitting personal information.

Wireless access is unsecured. Any information sent or received may be intercepted by another wireless user.

The library staff routinely monitors public computers, especially when a violation of this policy or illegal activity is suspected.

Staff is authorized to take immediate action to protect the security of computers and the network and to enforce the following rules. This includes confiscating any removable media, requiring a user to leave a computer or the premises, and contacting law enforcement authorities.

3.0 Acceptable Use Agreement


Computer time is available according to the following guidelines:

  • An individual may use up to 1 hour per day on library computers.
  • Reservations may be made through the library reservation system.
  • Reservations are held for 10 minutes; after that a new reservation is required.
  • Users will relinquish use of the terminal when their time has elapsed.
  • Do not attempt to run or execute programs or applications from personal storage media.
  • No more than two people may use a computer at one time.
  • Users may save files and download to supported removable media. The library is not responsible for damage to personal media or for corruption of data, including damage caused by mechanical malfunction or corruption caused by virus or spyware infection while using library computers.
  • Users are allowed to print ten (10) free black and white pages. Thereafter, charges will apply. Printing must be prepaid.
  • Users are to exercise reasonable care in the use of the equipment and software at all times.
  • Users must notify library staff of any malfunction in the equipment and software that may occur while the station is in your care.
  • It is prohibited to:
    • Edit or alter systems files;
    • Use any Camas Public Library computer to crack or hack the library’s automated circulation/catalog files or system or those of any other computer system or file;
    • Engage in any activity, which purposely seeks to gain unauthorized access to the resources on the Internet, disrupts the intended use of the Internet, wastes resources through such action, or destroys the integrity of computer-based information;
    • Knowingly introduce a virus or other malware into the library’s automated circulation/catalog system or any other computer system;
    • Use any Camas Public Library computer for illegal or criminal purposes, including obscenity, child pornography, gambling, and copyright infringement;
    • Obstruct other people’s work by deliberately crashing or tying up any computer;
    • Read or attempt to read another person’s electronic mail or other protected files or compromise the privacy of users;
    • Use another person’s library card account to access computers;
    • Subject other library users or staff to images which could be considered objectionable.
  • Users assume responsibility for the sites selected to view on the Internet.
  • Users understand that information obtained from the internet is used "at your own risk" and that the library makes no guarantees as to accuracy or validity of information obtained, displayed or printed from the Internet.
  • Users shall defend, indemnify and hold the City of Camas, its officers, employees, and agents harmless against all claims, actions, and judgments based upon or arising out of the use of the Camas Public Library’s computers, web servers, or from its connections to other internet services.
  • Users of the Camas Public Library computers and internet should have no expectation of privacy.
  • If observed in violation of any of these rules, users will be asked to stop immediately.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the revocation of internet and/or library use privileges.

3.1 Important Reminders

The internet offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to persons of all ages. However, it also enables access to material that may be offensive, disturbing, illegal, inaccurate or incomplete. Users are encouraged to evaluate the validity and appropriateness of information accessed via the internet.

Electronic communication on the internet should not be considered confidential. Be careful when transmitting personal information. Do not provide credit card numbers, passwords or anything else you would not want broadly circulated.

Safeguarding children is a priority of the Camas Public Library. Please be aware that some information and images found on the internet are of a mature nature, and are not suitable for children. Parents or guardians, not the library or its staff, are responsible for the information selected and/or accessed by their children.

It is highly recommended that wireless connections not be used for secure transactions such as banking, investments, or proprietary information.

Do not leave personal storage devices in library computers.

Approved by the Camas Public Library Board of Trustees: June 3, 2004; May 2012
Attorney Approved: June 2004; June 2012

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