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Camas Police Department would like to remind residents that when a vehicle with an expired registration of 45+ days is parked on a public street, the vehicle can/will be towed. For full details, visit bit.ly/JunkCarRemoval

Additionally, in most areas, ANY car parked on the street for more than 72 hours is also subject to removal. For more info, see bit.ly/72HrParking

More Resources:

> To learn what a junk car is and where one can and can't be parked, see bit.ly/JunkCarDefined

> To move or dispose of a junk vehicle, search online for Junk Car Removal. *CPD does not endorse or recommend any particular company*

> For assistance, please contact Camas Police Department at 360-834-4141.

We appreciate your help in keeping our streets safe, clear, and beautiful!

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