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*NEW DATE: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4* Thank you to all who attended our Urban Tree Program hearing on August 6 and to those who submitted comments!

Council unanimously approved the program based on your input, the work of all the volunteers on the ad hoc committee, and the feedback of staff. We are now drafting an ordinance to amend the city’s municipal codes and a resolution to amend the city’s fee schedule.

City Council will review these items – which will be available to the public – on ***Tuesday, September 4*** at 7 PM, in City Hall. This new date reflects our commitment to ensuring that the ordinance is crafted with the utmost care. The meeting will take place on a Tuesday in accordance with our holiday schedule, with Monday being Labor Day.

Note: Adoption of ordinances does not include a public hearing; rather they are reviewed during regular business at a public meeting.

If the ordinance and resolution are adopted, the Urban Tree Program will take effect five days later. The new program would accomplish the following:

1. Create a street tree permit, which will require that any trees removed will need to be replaced.

2. Provide for consistent penalties for illegal removal of park and public trees, and increase those penalties.

3. Create a new system for protection of trees with new developments that is based on a tree unit calculation and prioritizes the types of trees for preservation.

4. Creates a city tree fund. Any fees and fines collected will be placed in the fund and used to support our city’s urban forest.

Contact Senior Planner Sarah Fox with questions or feedback at communitydevelopment@cityofcamas.us or 360.817.7269.

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